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Information Provided on This Site
1) No guarantee whatsoever is made as to the accuracy, nowness, or usefulness of the information provided on this Site. Also, Nagoya Railroad reserves the right to add, change, revise, delete, or cancel any of this information without notice.
2) The information provided on this Site is current as of the time of posting, and on the passage of time, it may no longer reflect the actual situation.
3) Information relating to the products, promotions, and the like provided on this Site does not cover all available products sold by or promotions made by Nagoya Railroad.
4) No guarantee whatsoever is made as to its accuracy or nowness to provided information on this site relating facilities, events , period ,time and fare. Please contact to facilities or organizations directly for latest information.
1) Linking to this site is limited to the 9 URLs limited below, and Nagoya Railroad does not allow the posting links other URL website.
2) Links from sites containing the following content are prohibited.
- Sites that defame Nagoya Railroad or third parties, incite a loss of trust, or that might possibly do so
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-5) Nagoya Railroad bears no responsibility for any damage arising from the information or use of the information found on the link sites.
1) Nagoya Railroad disclaims any responsibility or liability for any damages arising out of linking to this Site or being unable to be linked to this Site for any reason whatsoever.
2) Nagoya Railroad makes no guarantees that this Site is error-free, that its functions operate properly and safely, or that the Site and its servers are free from viruses or other harmful components.
Information Obtained from Users of This Site
For details on how we handle information provided to us, please refer to the following web page.

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Governing Laws and Jurisdiction
The laws and regulations of Japan apply to usage of this Site, and the Nagoya District Court is the court of jurisdiction for any and all disputes arising with Nagoya Railroad.
Information in the Site Usage Agreement is subject to change without notice.

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